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Thermal Imaging Prices (All Services – add HST)

Cranial-Dental-Thyroid                                                                                                           $225

Breast                                                                                                                                       $295

Cranial-Breast Combo                                                                                                            $445

Upper Body Imaging                                                                                                              $300 Lower Body Imaging                                                                                                              $300

Full Body Imaging                                                                                                                   $700


Missed Phone Consult / Pick Up Appointment                                                                    $25

Missed Imaging Appointment                                                                                                $50

MAIL OUT Doctor's Copy (per Report)                                                                                     *$10

(* Regrettably due to the rising costs of supplies and postage)


Other Services

Ionix Foot Detox w/ Spa Foot Bath (60 minutes)                                                              $   60


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We accept Cash (please have exact change), Cheque, VISA and MasterCard.



Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover the cost Thermal Imaging.


SOME benefit programs do cover a portion of the cost. (i.e. Sunlife may cover up to 80% depending on your Employer). You will need to call them and ask if they cover Thermography.  If they say NO, ask if IMAGING is covered in the OTHER category (i.e. x-rays from a chiropractor or blood work that you pay for out of pocket first).



To avoid a charge, 24 hours’ notice is required to change or cancel existing appointments.  A credit card number will be taken at the time of your mobile booking.


Please note that this policy is in effect and outside of understandable emergency situations, the following charges will apply.


  • A $50 fee will be charged for an initial occurrence.

  • 100% of the fee will be charged for any additional occurrence and for not showing up at all.


Without this policy, such activity can negatively affect our availability to serve our customer base.


Thank you for your understanding.

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