Here's a few things our clients have to say about how adding Thermography to their regular breast health routine has impacted their lives...

I would actually like to take the time to thank Thermography Clinic Niagara and its owner Laurie-Ann Whitnall.   Over the course of my life, I have had 26 mammograms. Both my mother and sister were diagnosed early but also succumbed to Breast Cancer early in life and so did my life long journey to look at various early detection methods.


Thermography imaging was very new to me, but with Laurie-Ann’s expertise on the benefits of imaging and early detection and the medical and technical expertise of her mentor, Alexander Mostovoy, BCCT, Thermography imaging has provided me with hope that early detection is possible many years before it becomes a battle in prolonging life.  Thermography is backed up by science, case studies and real testimonials. I was very impressed, not only with the amount of information, but with Mrs. Whitnall’s and Alexander Mostovoy’s, BCCT time and commitment to all of us who had questions and a need to understand the benefits of Thermography. They took the time to hear our personal stories and in turn provided us with a high level of comfort when Thermography imaging was taking place.


The reports, where images are read by Alexander Mostovoy, are thorough, easy to understand and provide each of us with factual data; something tangible that can be seen and let’s face it, something to start a discussion with our personal family doctors. After these images are completed, both women and men, come away feeling a little bit more in control of our bodies because we know what the next steps are.


It’s more than just a positive/negative response. Thermography imaging does not need to be a standalone intervention service, but it does provide you with options. For me, it is now part of my health regiment and has changed my mind set on how I look at prevention and early detection.


Thank you Laurie-Ann and thank you Alexander Motsovoy for giving us a no touch, no pain method. Thank you for giving us a positive alternative in early detection!


Josie A, Stouffville, ON

I am very glad I now know about this alternate test for breast cancer assessment. An ad in my local paper caught me eye as it read, ”No Screaming....Breast Screening”, and so I thought I would check it out. I inquired today at the clinic and they are hoping in a year or so it will be covered, but I chose not to wait that long! I had my test today and will gladly answer any questions on how “my test” was done, but will leave any factual details to be answered through the articles and many interviews on the website.


I am so glad I heard about this test and want to pass this option on to others. This [assessment] avoids the “gee, I wish I had known...” statement later!


Virginia D, Welland, ON

Hi Laurie-Ann,

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had this past Saturday at your clinic for a Thermography assessment.  Your professionalism and easy going manner made me feel comfortable and at ease right from the minute I walked through your doors.

I have never had a mammogram but have heard from MANY of my friends that have had them done, what a horrible experience it was for them.  I will definitely be recommending they come and see you !! I am really excited to find out that you will be available for me next time in the Hamilton area.


I will definitely be recommending you!


Leesa G, Dundas, ON

Dear Laurie-Ann,


I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for Thermography.  Without this procedure I would not have been diagnosed in the early stages of invasive ductal carcinoma.


Thermography is a very painless and valuable procedure in which I would recommend for early detection.  My thermography appointment was scheduled for the 1st of May 2014, following this process I was diagnosed with breast cancer.


I am grateful for the knowledge and friendly staff within this thermography clinic.


Thank you.


Ruth M, Welland, ON

This is from my Aunt Margaret....

My friend went for this assessment yesterday and was really impressed.  Sure beats being flattened.


Elizabeth, Fonthill, ON

My name is Lori Punton and I am so grateful for the Thermography clinic in Welland.


Laurie Ann and staff are so great to work with and they make you feel comfortable when you come in for your appointment. I am grateful for this clinic as they are monitoring my breast health and happily I can say that for two years I have been healthy with no issues.


Its great to know that they are a clinic that concentrates on bringing awareness to the community of the importance of regular breast exams.



Lori Punton, Thorold, ON