Laurie-Ann Whitnall, CTM (Certified Thermography Manager)


After a 20+year career in Purchasing, I saw a real need in the Niagara Region for women to be able to have access to thermal breast imaging.


I opened the first stand-alone Thermal Imaging Centre in the heart of Welland in October 2010.  We service all the Niagara Region as well as various out-of-town mobile sites.


There was a real need for this type of screening and women needed to be educated and informed of its availability.  No radiation, No compressions, Non-invasive, No touching.


I pride myself in respecting the busyness of women.  Having to balance this in the past myself makes me committed to honoring appointments on time and in a punctual manner.  Time is important.  You are important.  The clinic is "spa-like" with a relaxing and calming atmosphere.


I have worked hard over the last 10 years to align the clinic with health care professionals that can meet just about any need and really want to partner with Thermography Clinic Niagara clients to make YOU the healthiest you can be.


Your health is something that you need to take charge of.  Be informed, be proactive.


Come in and get screened!  It will be the best thing you do for YOU!


Laurie-Ann Whitnall, Owner





Heidi Ewert, CTT (Certified Thermography Technician)


I'm so proud of my mom for opening up this thermography clinic.  It is such a needed service in the Niagara Region.


As a young mom returning to teaching with another on the way, I can honestly say that stress take a toll on a woman's body. We are busy and never make the time for ourselves.


Thermography assessment, even at my age, has proven to be a very useful tool to get a great look at where my health is an what I need to correct after years of not enough sleep and poor eating habits.


Thermal imaging isn't for the older women; I started at the age of 17. Ladies you need to get a baseline. 


After seeing what an impact this screening has had on many women, I went and got my certification. I enjoy assisting my mom and look forward to the future we have in educating women in the approach to their health and well-being.

See you in the imaging room.

Heidi Ewert, CTT


Josie Ainsworth, Client Liaison


I've been a close personal friend of Laurie-Ann's for over 7 years.  I have a very special place in my heart for women and families that have agone and continue to go through the breast cancer journey.  I lost my mom to breast cancer in  1985 and my sister Anna in 2000.  No family should have to go through these losses of loved ones, espeicially when there are preventative services out there.


Laurie-Ann introduced me to thermography with love and understanding, knowing my familial cancer history.  I had my first image done, not knowing what to expect, I became empowered with part of my health management directly.  I was in control of my body.  I was impressed and amazed at the information that resulted from the images, my breast health.


My 25+ year background in group insurance consulting, underwriting, marketing and sales for several large insurers has given me great knowledge and the background of how group benefits work.  Laurie-Ann and I saw a frustration coming from our clients trying to put their thermography costs through their group insurance plans.  It was frustrating to know that private plans would pick up the cost of large prescription claims but would not pick up the cost of a preventative service that could assist with the decreasing drug costs in their private plans to begin with.  It is my belief that when women know more about their bodies and they take preventative action, the outcome can be very different.  


As a Client Liaison and utilizing my benefits background, I'm giving back to our clients and helping them navigate through the insurance jargon if they are running into difficulties getting their claims paid.  Although not always successful, I can assist them through the process.


It continues to be my pleasure to work alongside Laurie-Ann in educating and empowering women to make informed decisions about their own health.


Josie Ainsworth